Who Invented Cool Contour™ Wraps?


Recovery is a very important part of any athletes' daily training program, especially after they leave the training room.   In 2010, a former 30-year veteran high school coach began turning an idea into what would become a NEW MODALITY to enhance the recovery process after games and after athletes leave the training room. 
 The product trial process and cross-sectional studies included the services of a therapist, sports medicine specialist, trainer, chiropractor, and orthopedic surgeon.  The qualitative research validated positive human responses to the products and positive physiological results for recovery.

During his college baseball days, he still remembered how his body was fatigued, and/or injured, after practices and games.   He appreciated the professional care received from the training staff, but after he left the training room and went back to his dorm he was on his own.  Over time, as a player and coach he realized that most athletes avoided R.I.C.E. therapy outside of the training room because ice was irritating and confining.  So, in most cases, they did very little to help themselves. 

He set out to create a solution.  He set specific goals for his product:

    1. It had to be safe and easy to use for long periods of time
    2. It had to be comfortable, not irritating, and allow users to remain mobile
    3. It should compliment traditional therapy and care received from coaches, trainers, and healthcare providers
    4. It should enhance recovery, specifically from overuse and injury
    5. It should motivate athletes to become more engaged in their recovery and reduce the use of prescription painkillers
    6. It should be able to be used while sleeping to prevent pain-related sleep interruptions and reduce morning fatigue and stiffness
    7. Consistency of results during the trial period needed to be tested, evaluated, and validated by qualified 3rd party sources

After an extensive research process, he began developing his first set of product prototypes.  After three years of ongoing development with engineers, manufacturers of evaporative, cooling materials, and a domestic product manufacturer, he had created custom-designed products that could be used for the foot and ankle, knee, elbow, shoulders, back, hip, and abdomen.  Each product was designed to be secured around the specific body part and fit like a second skin to achieve maximum comfort.

They help decrease secondary hypoxic injury and accelerate recovery from overuse or injury.  Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after strenuous exercise. The soreness is felt most strongly 24 to 72 hours after the exercise.  Cool Contour™ Wraps provide longer periods of surface cooling around an affected body part to limit the extent of DOMS. They are not irritating, easy to use, and consistently deliver the intended results.

2015:  Cool Contour Wraps were officially launched into the marketplace.  They were originally created from an idea for the benefit of athletes.  They currently provide high school, college, and professional athletes with autonomy and a competitive advantage to enhance their recovery process after competition and after injury.  Athletes, coaches, and trainers alike have validated their effectiveness as a tool that provides consistent results.  And, they are dispensed by doctors as a drug-free modality to help patients better manage chronic joint and musculoskeletal conditions.  Examples of patient experiences may be viewed here.




The use of extreme hot and cold therapy applications has been a topic of debate for decades.  But, as we get older, our skin isn't as tight as it once was. It may also be drier, more fragile, and thinner. Many have a resistance or inability to tolerate extreme cold applications. As a result, they resist the advice of trainers and doctors who recommend applications of cryotherapy.  Conversely and unintentionally many overuse heat to find relief because it feels more warm and cozy against the skin. 

Cool Contour™ Wraps are a modified version of cryotherapy that is not extremely cold - they provide safe, surface cooling around specific body parts while absorbing excess body heat and reducing inflammation. They provide users, of any age, with long periods relief or hours at a time - not minutes like ice.   Cool Contour™ Wraps are can be worn anywhere, anytime. They can even be worn to bed to reduce pain-related interruptions in sleep and morning stiffness.  Each Wrap is custom designed to promote mobility and return to activity.

The product name, Cool Contour™ Wraps, was chosen to represent their unique features and benefits.  Each product is engineered to provide hours of surface "COOLING" relief compared to short periods of relief from extreme cold applications.  They are custom designed to "CONTOUR" and be "WRAPPED around specific body parts.  After being secured, they provide maximum "evaporative cooling" benefits and full mobility to a user.



Alan Dukes, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.Sp.,  is the inventor of Cool Contour™ Wraps and President of Time Out Solutions, LLC.  His 30 year career in Florida and Georgia high schools includes being an educator, athletic director, and GCAA, GISA, & GHSA state championship caliber football, basketball, baseball, and soccer coach. He earned his bachelor's degree from Tennessee Temple University, master's degree from Georgia State University, and education specialist degree from Piedmont College.

In 2010, Alan Dukes was honored by "In Game Time" magazine in Georgia for never having a losing record in 30 years as a varsity head coach.  In addition, he coached teams that won regional and state titles in high school football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

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