Which Comes First?


Any level of activity is better than none. Any reduction in pain is better than none. But, for those in pain, which comes first? Too much time sitting or laying down may spell bad news for anyone's health, but especially for those with chronic or recurring pain-related conditions. 

The human body is designed to move! But, pain is debilitating, interferes with the ability to achieve a restful sleep, work, and causes many to become sedentary. Becoming more active is a positive step toward re-gaining those things that pain has taken away.

There is a vicious circle between pain and decreased activity.   
When in pain, a common reaction, or fear, is to avoid activities that may hurt or worsen the pain.   But, the goal is to increase activity.  Clinicians dispense Cool Contour™ Wraps to provide patients with a tool to help them participate in the return to activity and break the cycle.

But, when someone stops doing things they once enjoyed, they are often still hurting and quitting the activities they once enjoyed may make them feel angry, sad, frustrated, and disappointed.

In addition to the physical pain, now they have to deal with negative psychological feelings which can, in turn, INCREASE the physical pain levels.

Cool Contour™ Wraps are recommended by doctors to break the circles of pain that reduce activity. They are referred to as one of the most exciting advancements for self-care pain therapy. They are an easy-to-use tool with valuable features; soft, not irritating, lightweight, comfortable, and custom designed to be used anywhere and anytime. Drug-free and safe for all ages.

Cool Contour™ Wraps were developed to compliment the professional care physicians, trainers and coaches provide their patients and athletes. Cool Contour™ Wraps are a new modality that provide long-lasting relief from acute injuries, chronic joint and musculoskeletal inflammation and pain. 

Traditional cold therapy applications have been a topic of debate for decades. The resistance, or inability, to tolerate extreme cold applications many times results in reduced compliance. Cool Contour™ Wraps are not irritating because they are not an extreme cold application.

They provide a comfortable "cooling temperature" against the skin while absorbing excess body heat and reducing inflammation from the affected area.  Patient testimonials 

Healthcare Providers

They do not impede mobility. They fit like a second skin offering unequivocal softness and performance as a person goes about their everyday activities. Engineered to provide relief and promote the body's natural recovery process.   Cool Contour™ Wraps are not available in retail stores.