Alan Dukes, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.Sp., is the Inventor of Cool Contour™ Wraps and President of Time Out Solutions, LLC. His thirty-three year career in Florida and Georgia high schools included being an educator, athletic director, and GCAA, GISA, & GHSA state championship caliber football, basketball, baseball, and soccer coach. Education and coaching has always held a special place in his heart.

Cool Contour Wraps were created to solve a problem, all coaches face, after athletes get injured. It quickly became evident that the solution could impact the world of pain therapy. Now, his products have evolved into one of the most effective pain management aids for millions of people suffering from chronic pain conditions.


Smyrna, TN., August 3, 2015 – Cool Contour Products announced today that Time Out Solutions, Canton, GA has become a National Sponsor Partner and will provide free access to over 100,000 K-12 US schools to receive the Cool Contour Pain Management Benefit and reduced product costs compliments of Time Out Solutions.

Registration requires authorization by the school principal.

Who Is Eligible And Who Benefits After Registration?

School Leadership and Support, Teachers, Faculty, Staff, Food Services, Facilities, Maintenance, Transportation employees and their families are all eligible participants.

Over 40% of America's workforce, over the age of 20, have one or more pain-related conditions. Pain is not restricted to gender, age, job profession or the size of your school. More than 3.5 million sports-related injuries occur each year causing some loss of time of participation.

Registered Participants Also Include Students & Student Athletes

“The application of cold therapy has been used for many years as the initial stage of treatment with the therapeutic effect of decreasing swelling and pain. Cool Contour Wraps now allow us to use the positive effect of surface cooling without the irritation of prolonged use of directly applied ice or cold compression.

We have had an excellent subjective response from athletes of all ages using these products for prolonged cooling effect after sports participation. Surface cooling has been very effective in decreasing soreness and speeding up the recovery period” - Terry Trundle ATC.LAT,PTA, Athletic Rehab Institute - Director of Sports Medicine, Consultant to BenchMark Physical Therapy

Managing a pregnancy and finding solutions that can be safely and easily integrated to reduce pain and discomfort is the key. The Cool Contour Maternity Pain Relief Package helps relieve nagging pain and swelling during every stage of the pregnancy. In addition, it provides soothing relief for years after the baby is born. Recommended by Doctors. Safe & Natural.

One of the most innovative, effective mom-to-be pain relief solutions of all time!

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Your Administrative Staff Will Be Smiling Too...Why?

All orders are placed online by the participants.

All orders are paid for at the time of order by the participants.

All orders are processed and shipped directly to the home of the participants.

What Are The Reduced Product Cost Benefits?

$45.00 Credit For Any Wrap & A Free Cooling Towel Gift ($18.00 value) With Every Order - Compliments of Time Out Solutions, LLC

Total Benefit And Credit For Each Order Using Your School Promo Code Is $63.00.