Plantar Fasciitis & Foot/Ankle Pain

Do you have Plantar Fasciitis?  Do you have recurring foot pain or sharp pains in your heel?  Do your feet, heels, or ankles feel achy and swollen at the end of the workday?  Does it hurt to walk when you get out of bed in the morning?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Cool Contour Foot & Ankle Recovery Wraps are a tool that will help you.  Learn more about tools that college, professional, and elite athletes use to accelerate recovery.

  • Plantar Fasciitis typically doesn't get better on it's own.
  • Plantar Fasciitis is manageable if you have the right tools that provide relief and promote the recovery process.
  • Plantar Fasciitis causes a process of inflammation, which makes you hurt more, which makes the nervous system make your tissue more tight, which traps that inflammation, which makes things more tight and adds to the pain.
  • Over time, if left untreated, the inflammation process just builds up more and more.
  • Most people exercise less, even move less, because their feet hurt.
  • Many people gain weight as time goes by, putting a heavier load on the foot and causes further degeneration.
  • If short term swelling pain relief from injury is needed an ice pack can be used during the first 48-72 hours after injury.
  • If your goal is to help deliver fresh blood and nourishment to promote recovery, ice should be avoided.

Today, more is known about the role of inflammatory cells in healing and the dangers of untreated chronic inflammation. Healing requires many different chemicals, proteins and new cells to repair damage. Ice creates a decrease in blood flow and therefore a decrease in the chemicals, proteins and cells needed for repair and recovery.   Reduced levels of controlled inflammation can aid in recovery, but uncontrolled chronic inflammation delays recovery and prevents relief from pain.

For decades icing was considered the mainstream treatment by many, but a closer look reveals the that practice was more habitual than based on scientific evidence. Even the physician who coined the term RICE (Dr. Gabe Mirkin in his 1978 sports medicine book) has officially retracted his stance on rest and ice. (1)

Technology has opened the door for new tools that aid in recovery from plantar fasciitis.  

Cool Contour Foot & Ankle Recovery Wraps provide the benefits of Surface Cooling and Evaporative Cooling Technologies.  They provide users with soothing "cool" relief every time they are used.    Pain, heat, redness, and swelling are classic manifestations of chronic inflammation.  In order to begin recovering from chronic pain, you must treat the cause, not the symptoms.  You must reduce inflammation before it gets out of hand.  When a Cool Contour Recovery Foot & Ankle Wrap is secured in place it begins to absorb the excess body heat from around the affected area and alleviates inflammation to relieve swelling and pain.  This process continues for as long as it's secured in place around the foot and ankle.

Want to reduce morning stiffness and pain?  Put them on before going to bed and sleep in them to help control inflammation levels while sedentary in bed.  Soft, lightweight, easy to use.  Doctor Recommended.  60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Patient feedback about their own results using Cool Contour Recovery Foot & Ankle Wraps:

Shirley C, FL - I am very pleased to share my story, because I put a lot of value on results when something works the way it is supposed to work. There are a couple of things I want to say that I like about my Foot & Ankle Wrap. I have had it for 5 months. After suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot for almost 6 years I was quite frustrated about how it was affecting my life. I woke up in pain almost every morning and couldn't spend long on my feet before I felt like I needed to sit or lay down because of the pain or swelling. I tried several different things to help me, but nothing had worked. I got your Foot & Ankle Wrap because my sister got one and it had helped her.

The most important thing about the Wrap is that it works every single time I use it. It doesn't matter if it is in the morning, afternoon, or during the night - and for that I couldn't be happier.  It cools down fast, but doesn't get as cold as ice. Ice was too cold against my skin and it only numbed my pain for a few minutes. I can wear my Wrap for hours at a time and I love that. I also like how soft it feels against my skin.  I even wear it under my sock.  It doesn't get my sock wet and that's pretty nifty. When my husband and I retired, our dream was to travel all across the United States in our RV. Before I got my wrap, I had to deal with pain and the swelling in my foot and ankle area on every trip we took. I fought through it, the best I could, but it definitely made my travels less enjoyable. Some days I just didn't feel like doing anything as sat in the RV all day.

Now, I take my wrap out of the refrigerator, put it on, and I feel better in a few minutes. It helps reduce the swelling and there's no price I can put on how much it means to me to have something that's so easy to use. Us "old people" talk to each other about a lot of things when we meet and our pains and aches always come up.  I almost always talk about how great my Foot & Ankle Wrap feels and when I show it to someone, they are surprised at how cool it is and how soft it feels. Thank you for giving me a chance to share my experience.  I hope that my story helps someone else like your product has helped me.

Hayden T, GA - I was diagnosed with chronic plantar fasciitis in 2010. After trying many treatments and products, the Cool Contour Foot & Ankle Wrap is the only product that I have found to provide long-lasting relief and control my inflammation so I don't need the drugs. As a Senior level manager I never felt comfortable taking RX drugs and going to work.  I started using this product over four years ago and the results have been great.  

The often-used cold therapy of freezing water in a plastic coke bottle and rolling it on your heel was just too intense for me!  I dreaded it and it only numbed the pain for a few minutes.  In contrast, my Cool Contour Recovery Wrap is just cool enough to be soothing without being irritating and I receive hours of relief every time I use it.   It store mine in the refrigerator when I am not using it and it feels so good when I put it on after a long day.  I recommend it for anyone that has PF or any type of foot or ankle pain, stiffness and swelling.

Jonathan C, GA - I broke one of the metatarsals in my left foot during a basketball game, and spent 6 weeks in a boot and crutches.  After I got off crutches, my coach gave me a Cool Contour Foot Wrap.  I had been using ice bags each day after school, that were painful because of the weight they put on my foot.  The wrap was great because it only took seconds to run it under the faucet, and then it secured around my foot without causing any pain.  It dramatically reduced the swelling around my injury each time I used it. My Cool Contour Foot Wrap is a great product that I continue to use since my injury. I would definitely recommend it to any athletes with foot or ankle injuries or even just general foot soreness because it really works.

Eric R, TN - I started having heel and foot pain a little over a year ago.  At first, I tried to ignore it, but the pain continued and finally got so bad that I was starting to have trouble walking.  I tried a couple different products but didn't find any that solved my problem.  My doctor suggested pain killers and even buying several different types of new shoes.   The shoes helped a little bit, but the pain killers made me feel like a zombie.   I didn't function very well taking them and couldn't drive.

We decided I would try the Cool Contour Foot and Ankle wrap about five months ago.  It was so soft and easy to use that I wore it every day.  I am very happy to say I have seen a big difference.  I wear it while I am watching TV, working around under my sock, and at night before I go to bed.  My pain has almost disappeared entirely and I am able to walk without any trouble or pain.  After trying cheap products that didn't do anything for me, I recommend these wraps for anyone who has foot pain because they really do work.  My mom has knee arthritis.  She got the knee wrap a couple months ago and it's helping her too.

Lindsay V, CO - I received a back wrap and two foot and ankle wraps to use during my pregnancy.  The softness of the fabric and the way they are made them very easy to use and I could wear them anywhere.  

During my entire pregnancy I didn't experience any severe back pain.  But, the extra “baby weight” really did a number on my feet and ankles. After being on my feet for any length of time, they really got swollen.  When that happened, I put on my foot and ankle wraps to reduce the swelling and I could see and feel the difference they felt great while I had them on.  

I would recommend these wraps to anyone who is pregnant and wants a safe, drug-free solution to help them manage that excess weight and what it does to your body.  They made my pregnancy go much smoother.



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