What's The Value Of An Athletes Body?

  1. Travel-team parents spend an average of $2,266 on their child's sports participation each year. 
  2. At the elite levels, many families spend more than $20,000 per year. 
  3. American Colleges awarded over $3 billion in athletic scholarships to varsity athletes last year. 
  4. Professional sports organizations invest BILLIONS of dollars in contracts for athletes and need them to remain in the game
  5. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year for TREATMENT after sports injuries. 
  6. How much should parents and athletic programs invest in an athlete's body and the PREVENTION of injuries from overuse?

RECOVERY IS CRITICAL if athletes expect to compete, at optimum levels, throughout an entire season. Have you ever wondered why some of the most elite athletes suffer injury after injury? Is it as simple as categorizing them as being "injury prone", or is it that their body became more "susceptible to injury" from years of overuse or insufficient recovery?

Dr. Lyle Micheli, of Children’s Hospital Boston, suggests that as many as 75% of the children he sees in his medical office are injured because of overuse. Kids are starting sports earlier and training harder than ever. The stakes are higher and this is usually achieved through repetition, repetition, and more repetition - without sufficient recovery.

It's recommended that young athletes devote no more than 12 hours to practice and competition each week.  It doesn't sound like too much, but over time it adds up and after weeks or months of overuse it begins to manifest in injury.  

    After an athlete reaches the college level they typically devote over 20 hours a week to their sport. By the end of college, it's likely their joints and muscles been subjected to almost 10,000 hours practice, training and competing in their lifetime.  Repetition must be balanced with sufficient recovery to prevent overusing joints and muscles and the pain that can last a lifetime!

    In 2015, a veteran high school coach and athletic director introduced Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps - custom designed Class 1 recovery medical devices that are now used by athletes, coaches, trainers, and sports medicine doctors alike for the treatment of joint and muscle overuse and recovery. 

    For years, he had thought about how that during his own high school and college playing days he pushed himself hard and his body became fatigued.  Tying to just work through the pain and fatigue, he eventually got injured and after he left the training room he was basically on his own.  Over time, as a coach he saw that most of his own athletes did very little to help their body recover.  Not because they didn't want to, but because they had no tools to use.  Using technology, he changed the way athletes improve and accelerate recovery forever!

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    NATA Overuse & Injuries Infographic
     March 17, 2016