"I broke one of the metatarsals in my left foot in a basketball game, and spent 6 weeks in a boot and crutches. After I got off crutches, my coach gave me a Cool Contour Foot Wrap. I had been using ice bags each day after school, which were painful because of the weight on my injured foot.

It was great because it only took seconds to prepare by running it under the faucet, and then it secured around my foot in a painless way. It dramatically reduced the swelling around my injury each time I used it. My Cool Contour Foot Wrap is a great product that I continue to use since my injury to relieve ankle and foot pain. I would definitely recommend it to any athletes with foot or ankle injuries or even just general foot soreness because of its overall effectiveness." - Jonathan C


"I am a 17 year old high school athlete. After a workout, practice or a game, I like knowing I have my Cool Contour Shoulder Wrap to cool down my shoulder. Never had anything like it before. Great for reducing stiffness or pain.

It's so much better than ice, tape or an ace bandage. Now I don’t have to worry about the ice melting and I don’t feel like I am wrapped up like a mummy. It is easy to put on and really comfortable to wear. I like the fact that I can just throw it in my bag and it's ready to put it on when I need it." - Anthony P

"As a coach, my job many times goes far beyond the X’s & O’s.  Injuries are part of sports and I rely on the doctors and our trainers to provide the best therapeutic care to our athletes. It's critical for my injured athletes to recover safely, but as quickly as possible too.   A little over a year ago, I was told about the Cool Contour Wraps and how they worked.

We decided to test and incorporate them into our own training program.  The athletes were instantly motivated because the products weren't irritating or restrictive like ice and they were easy to use.  They could wear them anywhere, so their injury or overuse treatment continued after they left the training room.   We also love taking the wraps with us when we travel because our athletes enjoy hours of post-game cooling therapy instead of just a few minutes of icing."  - Coach P


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