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08/18/15 - Canton, GA-based Time Out Solutions has become a National Sponsor to provide a valuable drug-free benefit program to over 100,000 public and private schools. Time Out sponsors and pays for the customary set-up costs.  After registration is completed valuable product discounts are available to all school employees, students, athletes and retirees to use.  School principals may register at the bottom of this page with NO COST TO THE SCHOOL SYSTEM.     Discount code is provided to principal and activated within 48 hours.

Alan Dukes, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.Sp., is the President of Time Out Solutions. His 33 year career in Florida and Georgia high schools included being an educator, athletic director, and GCAA, GISA, & GHSA state championship caliber football, basketball, baseball, and soccer coach.  

Dukes says, “We understand the major financial challenges facing America’s school systems and educators.  As such, we want to provide access to help teachers, athletes, school staffs, and the entire student population who can benefit.  The physiological benefits of Cool Contour Wraps are recommended by doctors, trainers, therapists, and coaches alike for the treatment of injuries and chronic pain conditions."

In 2013, Kennesaw State University conducted field tests with NCAA Division 1 student athletes as a means of prolonged cryotherapy for injuries including; post-surgical shoulder, tennis elbow, MCL sprain, and returning to activity from a surgical elbow injury.

Mike Young, M.Ed., ATC/L Director of Sports Medicine, Kennesaw State University - "I can speak from personal experience using this product. I had an athlete suffer a minor knee injury, but with the next game less that 48 hours away, it was imperative that we treat the injury as much as possible. The Cool Contour Wrap allowed us to provide a cooling effect for a much longer periods of time - hours rather than minutes. This product was especially helpful when the athlete was not able to be in the training room for treatment (class, meetings, etc). It is easy to use and wear under his clothing. The athlete noted the same as well as the positive effects surface cooling provided on his knee.

My colleagues and I also think these products also provide a great benefit when traveling. Traveling with ice and coolers is always a hassle. These products are lightweight and beneficial to decrease the supplies an athletic trainer has to bring on the road, while still being able to supply the modality to the area requiring treatment."


PHYSIOLOGY - The recommended RICE protocol, after getting injured, was viewed as the standard of care for injuries as well as chronic pain since 1978. However, last year a re-evaluation about RICE was released from an unexpected source, the well-respected doctor who originally created the RICE treatment guidelines, Gabe Mirkin, MD.

In a 2014 article on his website, Why Ice Delays Recovery, Dr. Mirkin reversed the recommended use of both ice and rest. Coaches, physicians, physical therapists and trainers have recommended and followed the “RICE” guidelines for decades, but as Mirkin states, “it now appears that both ice and complete rest may delay healing, instead of helping.” (1)


The use of extreme hot and cold therapy applications has been a topic of debate for decades. Cool Contour™ Wraps were not developed to replace ice. They were developed to provide people, who suffer from pain-related conditions, with "cooling relief" from chronic joint and musculoskeletal inflammation and pain. As we get older, our skin isn't as tight as it once was. It may also be drier, more fragile, and thinner than it used to be. Many people have a resistance or inability to tolerate extreme cold applications. As a result, they unintentionally overuse heat just because it feels more warm and cozy against the skin. Heat is generally not recommended for post activity or after acute injuries.

Cool Contour™ Wraps are neither extremely cold or hot - they fill the gap by providing surface cooling while absorbing excess body heat from an affected area. They provide users, of any age, with safe, long-lasting relief while they work for hours at a time - not minutes. Cool Contour™ Wraps are safe and can be worn anywhere, anytime. They can even be worn to bed to reduce pain-related interruptions in sleep and morning stiffness. Each Wrap is custom designed to be secured around specific body parts and promote mobility.


  • Employees become empowered to effectively control pain-related conditions.
  • Employees reduce days-taken-off-work, healthcare claims, and improve productivity. 
  • Employees improve quality of rest and reduce pain-related fatigue.

"Pain doesn't have to be a way of life.  In September, 2015, we launched a national awareness campaign to school principals, the NEA and the AFT,"  K-12 Education Specialist, Cool Contour™ Products. 


Who is eligible for the sponsored discount benefits after registration? 


Over 40% of the American workforce suffers from one or more chronic pain conditions.

Administration, Teachers, Office Staff, Retirees, Students, Food Services, Facilities, Maintenance, Medical, Transportation and all other employees are all eligible to take advantage of this valuable benefit. 


Student Athletes Get Access To A Recovery Advantage 

More than 3.5 million sports-related injuries occur each year causing some loss of time of participation. All types of sports have a potential for injury.   The key is finding the solutions that promote recovery and provide a safe return to participation.  Read more about a modality that accelerates recovery from sports injuries.

Cool Contour™ Wraps are the best "drug-free" natural therapeutic aid to accelerate recovery.


    Surface Cooling Accelerates Recovery From Injuries And Overuse

    "The application of cold therapy has been used for many years as the initial stage of treatment with the therapeutic effect of decreasing swelling and pain. Cool Contour Wraps now allow us to use the positive effect of surface cooling without the irritation of prolonged use of directly applied ice or cold compression. 

    We have had an excellent subjective response from athletes of all ages using these Wraps for prolonged cooling effect after sports participation. Surface cooling has been very effective in speeding up the recovery period”
    - Terry Trundle ATC.LAT,PTA, Athletic Rehab Institute - Director of Sports Medicine, Consultant to BenchMark Physical Therapy  


    Go to our Product Catalog to view each Cool Contour™ Wrap custom designed for specific body parts.

    Go to How They Work to learn more and read about the features and benefits.


    Your Staff Will Smile Too...Why?

    This benefit that DOES NOT create an added workload for them!

    • All orders are placed online by the participants.
    • All orders are paid for at the time of order by the participants. 
    • All orders are processed and shipped directly to the home of the participants.


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