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Chronic pain is rarely cured but it must be managed.  Pain relief is not a one-size fits all process. Pain is debilitating, interferes with the ability to sleep, work, and the quality of people’s lives.  Cryotherapy is the most common non-pharmacological pain-relieving method. Extreme cold applications such as ice provide a short term numbing effect on the affected body part.  Cool Contour™ Wraps combine two innovative technologies; surface cooling and evaporative cooling, that work together and provide a modified form of cryotherapy that can be used for hours at a time, is not irritating, and DOES NOT restrict mobility.    They are water activated, safe, easy to use, and provide users with years of relief.  Cool Contour™ Wraps are one of the most innovative additions to therapy and rehab in decades.  Doctor Recommended.

Surface Cooling Technology

1. The average skin temperature is between 92F to 99F.  
2. The surface cooling temperatures of Cool Contour™ Wraps range from 45F to 60F depending upon how the wrap is stored.  
3. For maximum coolness, it should be stored damp in the refrigerator, taken out, and worn without re-wetting.  For moderate coolness relief it should be stored at room temperature.   Remove from bag, re-wet and wring it out.  The method of storage is a personal preference. Some prefer a more moderate level of coolness against their skin, while others prefer the maximum cooling effect.  The evaporative benefits of the wrap are not affected by the temperature of the wrap.
4. If stored in the refrigerator, the wrap is ready to put on without re-wetting.  If stored at room temperature, the wrap should be wetted and wrung out before putting it on.  
5. Cool Contour™ Wraps should never be frozen.  That is why they can be worn for hours and provide longer periods of "cooling" relief.

Evaporative Cooling Technology

1. Evaporative cooling is the reduction in temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the surface from which evaporation takes place.  
2. The underlying principle of evaporative cooling is the fact that when moisture and heat are combined, absorption occurs and there is a transfer or change from a liquid to a vapor.  
3. When using a Cool Contour™ Wrap, during the evaporation process, excess body heat from inflammation is transferred or absorbed into the moisture of the wrap and released as a vapor.  
4. This process helps a user reduce inflammation during the day, at night, anywhere, and anytime without drugs.  
5. Cool Contour™ Wraps help reduce inflammation naturally and accelerate the recovery process from injury.

Cool Contour™ Wraps make a difference AFTER you leave the training room or doctor's office.

Think of it like this.   If you are an athlete/patient receiving care each week, how many hours during the week are you actually face to face with your doctor or trainer receiving treatment?  Probably somewhere between 1 to 25 hours (if you are an elite professional athlete).  But, there are 168 hours in the week, so even the high level athletes have to follow the advice and provide self-care for remaining 85% of the week.  Doctors, coaches, and trainers rely on the athlete/patient to do their part.  This is where a Cool Contour™ Wrap can be beneficial and provide a recovery advantage.

Ice is effective at reducing excess body heat and reducing swelling for short periods of time. But, leaving ice it on longer can actually reverse the process. Instead of continuing to reduce inflammation, it can add to it. This will happen because after 15-20 minutes, the body’s natural response is to fight the extreme cold with body heat. As more heat is generated around the affected body part, inflammation rises and then begins to resume its course. So, if the body tries to heat the affected area back up, we have defeated our purpose in applying ice and may actually slow down recovery times.

For many, the most common "treatment" they use for pain control between visits to their doctor is to mask it with painkillers so they can function.  Even professional athletes have hours and hours when they are not in the training room.   What they do that perpetuates and accelerates recovery can make all the difference.   Cool Contour Wraps are designed to be worn for hours rather than minutes because they are not an extremely cold application. While using a Cool Contour Wrap for extended lengths of time, the tissues stay cooled down to minimize swelling while the evaporative cooling process continues to control inflammation levels. By keeping the inflammation levels lower, pain is reduced for hours at a time. In addition, they allow the body to continue it’s natural healing process to accelerate and promote recovery and to assist with pain management.

How do Cool Contour™ Wraps enhance the RECOVERY process?

Recovery is important to athletes who get injured.  But, it is also important to athletes who are uninjured.  Varying levels of muscle damage occur in sports. When muscle fibres are damaged they become tender, sore and stiff. This damage is commonly referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS usually appears 24 to 48 hours after games or intense exercise.  After every game or practice there is a recovery process that occurs within the athlete's body.  

Recovery from competition is one aspect of athlete preparation that is receiving increased attention from coaches and trainers. When recovery from competition is improved, athletes are able to train sooner and at higher levels.  The most valuable asset an athlete possesses is his or her body.  While high school, college, professional and extreme athletes train hard to prepare their bodies for competition, they still need to recover after games and practices.  The better their body has recovered, the more likely they are to prevent overuse or acute injuries.

Joint replacement surgery requires that patients take an active role in their care and rehabilitation.  Pain is common and to be expected after this type of surgery.  Swelling in the operative leg is a normal part of the postoperative course after surgery. Normal swelling gradually accumulates throughout the day.  For example, in total knee replacement, it is normal for some degree of swelling to persist for several months.  

Cool Contour™ Wraps provide patients with an effective tool to manage arthritic pain, increase range of motion, and reduce swelling Pre-Op and Post-Op.   Many patients are between the ages of 60 and 80.  This demographic typically resist extreme cold applications because their skin cannot tolerate it.  Surface cooling provides the patient with a non-irritating form of cryotherapy.

Traditional cryotherapy is not recommended for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.  Longer use creates the potential for frost bite, skin damage, and/or possible nerve damage.  It's no secret that athletes and patients alike avoid icing at home because it is awkward and uncomfortable.  Many simply cannot tolerate the extremely cold temperatures of ice.  So, in many cases they do nothing to accelerate the recovery process.

Cool Contour™ Wraps provide athletes/patients suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain with a recovery tool they can safely use for long periods of time.  It is soft, easy to use, and does not restrict mobility.  These benefits motivate the athlete/patient to use them for long periods of time each day as needed.  Apply these combined technologies for longer periods of time provide users with ongoing pain relief while enhancing the natural healing process of the body.   Patients and athletes are encouraged to return to activity as soon as it is safely possible. Cool Contour™ Wraps help the athlete/patient achieve that goal.   Safely.

How do Cool Contour™ Wraps help prevent sleep interruptions and morning stiffness?  

If you've ever noticed that it's hard to sleep when you have a sore back or other pain, you're not alone.  Connections between pain and disturbed sleep cause fatigue.  Sleep deprivation is linked with increased pain levels when the body remains sedentary for long periods of time.  After waking up in pain, many find that an affected body part is stiff and hurts more.  Cool Contour™ Wraps can be worn while in bed to help keep inflammation at a lower level and prevent the vicious cycles of sleep interruptions, pain or stiffness.



Cool Contour™ Wraps are the best solution for controlling inflammation without restricting blood flow and nutrients from reaching an affected body part.

Each custom designed wrap provides cooling relief while absorbing excess body heat from an inflamed area. They empower people to manage pain-related conditions and accelerate the recovery process after an injury or overuse strain.




  • Provides cool pain relief for hours every time - non irritating
  • Cools down to 60F to 65F degrees within minutes
  • Refrigerate for maximum cooling (45F) effect
  • After secured around body part, the evaporative cooling technology absorbs excess heat and reduces inflammation for hours 
  • Surface Cooling reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and joint pain
  • Custom designed for specific body parts


    Cool Contour™ Wraps were developed to provide people, who suffer from pain-related conditions, with "cooling relief" for chronic joint and musculoskeletal inflammation and pain. Cool Contour™ Wraps are neither extremely cold or hot - they fill the gap between extremely cold and heat applications.  They provide users, of all ages, with a new option for recovery.  Cool Contour™ Wraps can safely be worn anywhere, anytime and for as long as needed.   Unlike anything you may have tried.


Chronic inflammation plays a puzzling and long-lasting role in the body.   If left untreated, it can be dangerous to a person's overall health and well-being.

But, what can you do to reduce the risks that chronic inflammation may contribute to recurrent pain, disease, a degenerative condition or the slow deterioration of your health?

Cool Contour™ Wraps are a drug-free solution to managing chronic inflammation and improving a person's quality of life.



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