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Effective, Drug-Free, Self-Care Modality For Your Patients



Cool Contour™ Wraps are dispensed by healthcare professionals for the treatment of acute injuries and chronic pain conditions.

Patients place an unprecedented level of trust in their physicians and we place a high value on the care you provide.  A new modality, using dual technologies, provides your patients with a self-care tool to promote the natural healing process of the body and the return to activity between office visits.

Not available in retail stores or pharmacies.

Cool Contour™ Wraps are a drug free wearable modality proven to enhance the care doctors provide their patients.   Cool Contour™ Wraps are used for the  treatment of chronic joint and muscle pain and to accelerate the recovery from acute injuries.

Cool Contour™ Wraps provide a broad base of advantages from battling chronic inflammation, increasing mobility and range of motion, to reducing pain-related sleep interruptions and fatigue.


Cool Contour™ Wraps are custom designed with a genuine seamless construction that provides durability and comfort.  They provide secured placement and a comfortable fit around each specific body part.  They do not restrict movement, promote return to activity, and an optimal therapeutic response for each individual. 

If you are interested in dispensing Cool Contour™ Wraps in your practice; 1) call us at 615-571-9915 and one of our Customer Care representatives will assist you or 2) complete the Contact Form below and a representative will contact you.

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The Science Behind Cool Contour™ Wraps.

To learn more about the technologies behind Cool Contour™ Wraps and the optimizations developed view “Science Behind Cool Contour™ Wraps.”

Cool Contour™ Wraps are 100% drug free, non-addictive, and have no side effects.

Why Are Cool Contour™ Wraps Unique?

Surface Cooling and Evaporative Cooling combine two new technologies that provide hours of relief and promote the return to activity.


Frequently Asked Questions by Clinicians

Question 1
Do Cool Contour™ Wraps have any contraindications?
Cool Contour™ Wraps have no contraindications for patients and provide a safe, self-care benefit to them.

Question 2
Is there any medication that should not be used in conjunction with Cool Contour™ Wraps?

Question 3
If a patient is getting sufficient relief using a Cool Contour™ Wrap, is it possible to reduce medication or even eliminate it?
Only you can decide if medication adjustments are appropriate.

Question 4
Can the patient remain active while using a Cool Contour™ Wrap?
Yes.  The sleek design and securement allows full mobility.

Question 5
Can the patient increase or decrease the hours of use with Cool Contour™ Wraps?
Yes.  Just as their level of pain increases and decreases each day, they may adjust their hours of use accordingly.

Question 6
How does the patient know how long or how often to use a Cool Contour™ Wrap?
The amount of use is subjective to the patient and their level of pain.  We recommend more frequent use during the first 4 weeks.   Many patients find themselves using their wrap every day to manage their condition.

Question 7
Is there a limit on the number of weeks or months that a patient may continue to use a Cool Contour™ Wrap?
No, there is no time limit.

Question 8
How long does a Cool Contour™ Wrap provide relief last during each use?
Your patients will experience relief for 3-4 hours each time they use it.  When the moisture dissipates, all they need to reactivate their wrap is water.  They re-wet it, wring it out again, and it will instantly begin cool down to provide safe relief for another 3-4 hour period of time.

Question 9
How long does it take before the patient starts to feel relief?
While the rate of absorption of excess body heat from an affected area can vary, patients feel the surface cooling immediately.  As the excess body heat is absorbed and the level of inflammation is reduced the patient will begin to experience additional relief.

Question 10

How long does a Cool Contour™ Wrap last?
The product service life of a wrap is projected for up to five years with proper care.

Question 11

Can the patient use a Cool Contour™ Wrap while sleeping?
Yes.  We recommend they put on their wrap about 15-20 minutes before bedtime to keep pain under control while sleeping.  Cool Contour™ Wraps work to reduce inflammation as the patient is sleeping and helps prevent pain-related sleep interruptions and morning stiffness.

Question 12
Does the Cool Contour™ Wrap need to be cleaned?

Yes.  Hand Wash in mild detergent, rinse, and let air dry.

Question 13
Will the patient's insurance cover the cost?
Most insurance companies will not cover the cost directly but patients may be eligible to apply the cost towards their Flexible Spending Account (FSA). We recommend that patients check with their insurance provider to find out more. For under 17 cents a day, the 100% drug free technology provides relief from chronic pain, helping patients get more active and sleep better.

 Question 14

How does the patient activate and store a Cool Contour™ Wrap?
If the wrap is not being used for more than a week it should be allowed to air dry and stored within it's product bag.  To reactivate the wrap wet if for a few minutes until the fabric softens completely. It will instantly begin to cool down to about 35 degrees below skin temperature. 

If the wrap has been stored for short periods at room temperature wet it for 15-20 seconds and secure it in place.  

For the maximum cooling effect the wrap it should be stored damp, in its product bag, inside the refrigerator.  When it is needed, it is not necessary to re-wet it.  When removed from the refrigerator it will still be damp and the temperature of the wrap will be between 40-45 degrees.