Need Relief For Your Feet Or Ankles?



During a typical day, people spend about 4 hours on their feet and take about 5,000 steps - a combined force equivalent to hundreds of tons every day.  Women have about four times as many foot problems as men; lifelong patterns of wearing high heels often are determined to be a cause.

Cool Contour™ Foot & Ankle Wraps help reduce swelling and discomfort.  Take control of the things that pain has taken away.




The use of extreme hot and cold therapy applications has been a topic of debate for decades. Cool Contour™ Wraps were developed to provide people with "cooling relief" from chronic joint and musculoskeletal pain. As we get older, our skin isn't as tight as it once was. It may be thinner than it used to be.  Many people have a resistance or inability to tolerate extreme cold applications.

Cool Contour™ Wraps provide moderate surface cooling while absorbing excess body heat from the affected area. They provide users, of any age, with safe, longer-lasting cooling relief while they continue to work for hours at a time - rather than minutes.   Cool Contour™ Wraps are safe and can be worn anywhere, anytime. They can even be worn to bed to reduce pain-related interruptions in sleep and morning stiffness.  Each Wrap is custom designed to be secured around specific body parts to promote mobility.


Description: Cool Contour™ Foot & Ankle Wrap

  • Field tested for the treatment of overuse, injury, and chronic pain conditions.
  • Velcro closures provide secure placement and a comfortable fit. Stabilizes placement without restricting movement.
  • Fits like a second skin—this technical fabric offers unequivocal softness and performance as it moves with you.
  • Sweat-wicking and four-way stretch. Engineered to provide relief and promote the body's natural recovery process.
  • Genuine seamless construction provides durability and comfort.





I have been diagnosed with chronic plantar fasciitis.  The Cool Contour Wrap is the only product that I have found to help ease the pain and reduce inflammation. The often-used cold therapy of freezing water in a plastic bottle coke bottle and rolling it on your heel was just too intense for me!

My Cool Contour Wrap is cool and soothing immediately upon contact.  I recommend this product to anyone that is having foot pain - Cool Contour wraps provide immediate relief! - Hayden T


After you wet and wring out a Cool Contour™ Wrap, it instantly cools down to about thirty degrees below the average surface skin temperature. Instant cooling relief without the irritation of ice.

Remains damp for hours while it works for you. Soft, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use!


Many cannot, or prefer not to, tolerate cold material in contact with their skin. Does not impact Evaporative Cooling process or absorption of excess body heat.

1. For maximum coolness store damp within product bag inside refrigerator. To use, take out and secure without wetting. Average temperature will be 45F to 46F.

2. For moderate coolness store at room temperature. Remove Wrap from product bag, wet it, wring it out and secure around affected area. Average temperature will be 64F to 65F.





Too many times people wait for a "miracle cure" rather than an effective solution to manage their pain.

Cool Contour™ Wraps restore the ability to do things that pain prevents.  Whether functioning, performing daily activities, being more productive at work, or achieving a more restful sleep - it works unlike anything else you may have tried. 

Managing a condition and finding solutions that can integrate easily into your life is key.

Product Service Life - three (3) years with daily use.

Average daily cost less than 13¢ a day
All purchases include a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.