Business RadioX Features Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps

Atlanta, Georgia - Eugeria! Radio™ is a weekly radio show on Business RadioX® celebrating those who have given their careers to serving seniors and disabled individuals to make their lives comfortable, meaningful and fulfilled.  The goal of physical therapy is to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.  Eugeria is sponsored by Griswold Home Care and is hosted by Brad Culp and Sam Grass.  Guest Co-host - Mary Jo Bowser.   Click below to listen to the broadcast.



September 29, 2015 - Business RadioX - Today's Guests - Ty Hollingshead and Alan Dukes discuss new technology for athletes and people who suffer from chronic pain conditions - Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps.

Relieve Joint & Muscle Pain, Reduce Inflammation & Accelerate Recovery

Ty Hollingshead, Health Care and Home Care Specialist for Cool Contour™ Products went to Kennesaw State University. Her healthcare background, effervescent personality and experience bringing health and wellness products to seniors through health care specialists make her a valuable asset to the company, Coach Dukes, and healthcare providers across the country.

After 33 years coaching HS athletes, Alan Dukes forges new ground as an inventor.  Coach Dukes talks about these innovative products and the advanced benefits they provide to those suffering from injuries, joint or muscle pain.  

He also shares some of the “cool” behind the scenes stories of all he’s learned by creating a product and bringing it to market. He explains how Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps stay cool, but not "cold or sloppy wet", and can be worn under street clothes and even through the night to help prevent pain-related sleep interruptions, morning stiffness, and fatigue!  A story worth hearing.

If you want to become more active again, you don’t want to miss this broadcast!