Q. Why should I buy a Cool Contour Recovery Wrap?

A.  Everyone knows there a physiological benefits to different types of therapy applications, but many people don’t like, or cannot tolerate, ice therapy because… “It’s too cold!”  Cool Contour Recovery Wraps are never too cold and they promote the natural healing process by not restricting the blood flow or nutrients to an affected body part like ice.

Q.  Do I have to be immobile when I use them like icing?
A.  No one enjoys being confined to the couch or trying to balance ice or frozen veggies on an affected body part.  Cool Contour Recovery Wraps all you to secure them in place and go about your everyday activities at home or at work.  You can wear them anywhere.

Q.  What if I do want my Wrap to be colder?
A.  You control how you store and use them.  Want the maximum cool feeling against your skin?  If so, store your wrap within the refrigerator when not in use, take it out, and put it directly on.  It will be about 40F and your brain will sense that "cold" feeling upon application.

Q: Are Cool Contour Recovery Wraps safe?
A: Yes. The cooling material has been tested by an Independent US Laboratory and certified to be safe for all ages.

Q: How does it work?
A: The surface cooling and evaporative cooling technologies work together after they are activated. To activate your wrap you just need access to a water source. Wet it, wring it out, and it instantly begins to cool down. The ultra-soft inner layer of your wrap provides a cooling effect and begins to absorb excess body heat and inflammation from the affected area. The evaporative cooling technology continues to help control inflammation levels for 4-5 hours while promoting natural blood flow and nutrients to the body part.

Q: How long do I wet my wrap to activate it?
A: If your wrap has been stored long term it should be completely dry. Wet if for a few minutes until the fabric softens completely. It will instantly begin to cool down after it is wet. If your wrap has been stored for short periods at room temperature wet it for 15-20 seconds. If your wrap has been stored damp inside the refrigerator it is not necessary to re-wet it. When you take it out of the refrigerator it will still be damp and chilled to about 45F. You just put it on and wear it.

Q.  How often can I wear the Wrap?
A.  As often as needed.  Some people choose to wear them for a couple hours and some choose to wear them for longer periods of time.  Many wear theirs to bed to minimize sleep interruptions caused by their pain and reduce morning stiffness.

Q.  How do they reduce morning stiffness?

A.  When we sleep we have minimal movement.  Because we are not active during our sleep the inflammation in our body and joints elevates.  Upon waking, this elevated inflammation causes stiffness and pain.  Cool Contour Recovery Wraps help control and minimize the rise of inflammation while you are asleep.

Q. How long will my Recovery Wrap stay damp and cool?

A. The Evaporative Cooling Technology begins working the moment you secure it in place.  It instantly starts to absorb excess body heat from the affected area into the wrap.  This process helps reduce inflammation levels and pain.  The inside layer, against your skin, will begin to feel warmer, but that's a good thing.  It means it's working.  The middle layer of the Wrap remains damp and it continues the evaporative cooling process for 4-5 hours.

Q: What is the service life of a Cool Contour Recovery Wrap?
A: The expected product service life is 5 years with daily use. Occasional use will extend the service life by another 2-3 years.

Q: How much will the Recovery Wrap weigh?
A: Each Wrap varies based upon the size and materials. The lightest is 2 ounces and the heaviest is 5 ounces. Very lightweight.

Q: How should I wash the Recovery Wrap?
A: In order to maintain the longest life of the product it is best to hand wash them with a gentle soap. Avoid soaking the garments in soapy water. Simply rinse off the soap after washing.