Pain-Related Conditions In The Workplace


Employees may be participating in your Wellness Program, but are they really engaged?  Or, are they just going along to get an incentive?  Many programs offer information and guidance, but employees want tangible self-care tools to help and empower them to improve their own wellness. The self-care work force is changing before your eyes.  

Baby Boomers are either retired or nearing retirement.  Over 68% are reported to suffer from one or more chronic pain conditions.  Gen X'ers, 35-49 years old, now realize they need more than drugs to combat the chronic pain conditions that over 40% of them suffer from.  Millennials will represent 40% of the total workforce by 2020. They are critical to the success and sustainability of a business.  As a growing number of Millenials begin to deal with chronic pain conditions, they want even more alternative self-care options.  


Cool Contour™ Wraps Answer The Employee Marketplace Demand For Self-Care




The prevalence of pain has a negative impact on bottom line profits every year.   

A 2003 study published in the Journal of the AMA estimated the annual cost of pain in the workplace to be $61.2 billion.   A 2014 report by the Institute of Medicine stated that "the annual cost of pain-related conditions ranges between $297.4 billion to $335.5 billion to American businesses."  This is more than a 400% increase in just twelve years!

Studies show that most pain-related costs occur in the form of reduced job performance - PRESENTEEISM.   It's critical that employers gain a better understanding about pain-related costs and offer a solution. Chronic pain can break the strongest of employees.  


A study by Dr. Ronald Loeppke, President and Vice Chairman of U.S. Preventive Medicine about absenteeism and presenteeism among 50,000 workers at 10 employers showed that lost productivity costs are 2.3 times higher than medical and pharmacy costs.

Employees with multiple chronic health conditions are especially vulnerable to productivity loss - Harvard Business Review

More than 50% of Americans live with daily pain from injuries, chronic or recurrent pain.

Over 80% of people with chronic pain conditions say that it interferes with their mood, every day activities, sleep, and their ability to concentrate at work.

Activity-based wellness incentives are avoided when chronic pain becomes a roadblock to being more active.  Cool Contour™ Wraps help "bend the trend" and break down those roadblocks.     

Over 88% of America's nonparticipating employees say a wellness benefit, that they could touch and feel, would increase their interest in their company's health and wellness program and in becoming more engaged and participating.






The initial goal of implementing a wellness program within a company is to reduce healthcare costs. And while that goal has remained constant as the corporate wellness industry has grown, other priorities by employers have surfaced, too, such as boosting in-house productivity, looking into financial wellness options and driving loyalty among employees.

Employers that effectively address pain-related conditions and concerns of their workers can suddenly possess a sizeable population of new advocates.  Is this valuable piece missing from your program?  Employees want and need to do more than just mask pain with drugs.


"It is estimated that the cost for pain-related days away from work and lost productivity on the job AVERAGES $1,000 per employee, per year" 
- Bureau of Labor Statistics. Workplace Injury and Illness - 2013.


  • Fatigue accounts for over 60% of accidents on the job. Fatigued workers are less alert, don’t perform well, are less productive and are more likely to have accidents and injuries.

  • Physicians are aware of the direct relationship that interrupted sleep, from pain-related conditions, has on job performance and days off work.  The more severe the pain, the more likely fatigue begins to occur.


      Over 40% of America's workforce, over the age of 20, have one or more chronic pain-related conditions that impact their quality of life and job performance.

      Individuals with chronic pain often report a sense of feeling defeated.  Nobody knows when they are experiencing the onset of chronic pain. They realize that something is wrong, but they keep expecting it to get better.  But it doesn't. It begins to affect their whole life.  


      Cool Contour™ Wraps provide employees with a solution to help them manage pain-related conditions.

      They become educated, motivated, empowered to take control and manage their pain, while achieving daily success on their road to becoming more productive at home and at work.



      • Employees become empowered when they have a tool to help them control pain-related conditions.  Successful actions drive successful outcomes.
      • Employees become intrinsically motivated from a sense of satisfaction. Sustainable pain-related cost reductions.
      • Employees reduce emotional stress roadblocks when they physically feel better.
      • Employees share success stories with each other.  This translates into increased engagement and produces an increase in company profits.
      • Employees feel loyalty to a company they believe cares about them and their family.



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