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Are you satisfied with your existing revenue?   Cool Contour™ Wraps compliment the care you provide to patients while increasing revenues without competition from big-box retailers or pharmacies.

Terry Trundle ATC.LAT,PTA, Athletic Rehab Institute - Director of Sports Medicine reports, "The application of cold therapy has been used for many years as the initial stage of treatment with the therapeutic effect of decreasing swelling and pain. Cool Contour™ Wraps now allow us to use the positive effect of surface cooling without the irritation of prolonged use of directly applied ice or cold compression.

We have had an excellent subjective response from athletes of all ages using these products for prolonged cooling effect after sports participation. Surface cooling has been very effective in decreasing soreness and speeding up the recovery period"

The science behind Cool Contour™ Wraps 

Radio interview with the inventor of Cool Contour™ Wraps

Cool Contour™ Wraps accelerate injury recovery for athletes

Patients love to talk when something helps them manage chronic pain and become more active again  

Cool Contour™ Wraps are custom designed to be secured around specific body parts - Foot & Ankle, Elbow, Knee, Shoulder, or Back, Hip, and Abdomen.

Effective and safe for use during pregnancy to relieve back pain, foot pain, and swelling from excess "baby-weight"

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A business model that was built around healthcare distribution. 


DROP-SHIP PROGRAM -  It's easy!  Cool Contour™ Wraps increase patient referrals because they work!


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