Back Pain Solution

Steven C., Cocoa Beach, FL –
“I am a 38 year old Firefighter/Paramedic with the Rockledge Fire Department. In 2004, I injured my back and was diagnosed with a L4/5 bulging disc herniation with nerve root inflammation. I didn’t like how the painkillers made me feel, so I stopped taking them after about a month or so. My back started getting worse and I had to take time off work because I couldn’t function. I never knew when or where my back was going to go out. Some days the pain was so bad I could barely walk. But, the worst part was I had to stop doing a lot of things that my son and I enjoyed because of my back pain. That really bothered me.

Because of my career, I’ve witnessed how pain and prescription painkillers can take over someone’s life. More and more people are starting to look for safe ways to manage pain because of the side effects of drugs. Like most first responders, we enjoy the satisfaction we get from helping people so I hope that by sharing my story it helps someone learn about something that has worked for me and my back pain.

Since my injury, I’ve tried therapy, chiropractic, icing, heating pads, pain creams, braces, supplements, and painkillers. Ice numbed the pain, but it caused the muscles to tighten up and spasm. Heat felt better against my skin than ice, but my doctor explained that using heat therapy, on an already inflamed area, only makes the inflammation worse and prolongs the recovery process. The inflammation had actually gotten to the point that my back felt hot when I touched it. He also explained that inflammation irritates the nerve root and causes more pain, so we needed to get the inflammation down.

This past April my mom showed me a foot wrap that she was using for plantar fasciitis. She said the company made similar products for knees, elbows, shoulders, and backs. She explained that wearing it reduced the swelling and pain in her foot. She suggested I talk to my doctor to get a back wrap and try it. From the very first time I wore it, I could feel my back muscles got more relaxed the longer I had it on. But, when I took it off the material was a lot warmer than when I put it on. I didn’t understand why, so I got on your website to learn more about it. I’ve always had "the need to know" and that’s when I learned about how evaporative cooling technology actually works. It absorbs the excess body heat into the inside layer of the material and then releases it through the top layer.  So, the wrap gets warmer because it's working.

Another thing I read was that it takes time for chronic inflammation to go down and stay down, so using it every day was important until it was under control and reduced. So, I went to the sink, wet it again, squeezed it out, and it got cool again just like the first time I used it. During that first month, I wore it almost non-stop at home, under my shirt at work, and even to bed. The way it secured around my waist provided a mild compression that felt good. It’s always been easy to use and take care of. The material is so soft and comfortable that sometimes, I forget I have it on. I wear it under my shirt and no one even knows when I have it on because it doesn’t get my shirt wet.

I’ve been using my back wrap for six months now and my back feels much better. For the first time in 12 years, I can say I feel like I am actually recovering. The spasms have almost completely stopped and I haven’t had to take off work in months because of my back going out. I’m doing more things with my son again, and that’s huge. It's my "go-to" and it’s just a part of my life now. Some days I need to wear it longer than others, but it’s really great having something that works when I need it to.

I recommend these products to other first responders who have chronic inflammation, or joint or muscle pain, and don’t want to have to worry about prescription drugs affecting your performance at work. If anyone reading this has a chronic pain condition, do yourself a favor and learn about these great products. I used to live in pain almost every day. I don’t anymore, and you don’t have to either.”