Accelerate Recovery From Overuse & Injury

Mike Young, M.Ed., ATC/L Director of Sports Medicine, Kennesaw State University - "I can speak from personal experience using this product. I had an athlete suffer a minor knee injury, but with the next game less that 48 hours away, it was imperative that we treat the injury as much as possible.

The Cool Contour Knee Wrap allowed us to provide a cooling effect for a much longer periods of time - hours rather than minutes. This product was especially helpful when the athlete was not able to be in the training room for treatment (class, meetings, etc). It was easy to use and wear under his clothing. The athlete noted the same, as well as the positive effects the surface cooling provided on his knee."

You CAN Gain An Edge Over Your Competition
Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps use a water-activated evaporative cooling technology to accelerate recovery before and after injury. Rather than just hoping for the best, athletes of all ages are using these new modalities to gain an advantage and for injury prevention. Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps are an easy remedy for a very big problem that has only gotten worse due to sports specialization – The OVERUSE of joints and muscles.

Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps provide moderate surface cooling to help reduce swelling and muscle fatigue without minimizing the natural healing process or interfering with the process of lymphatic drainage. Vasoconstriction is never a concern because they are not frozen. Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps are easy to use tools for “cool-down” and aid in faster recovery after training or competition.

Athletes have been conditioned that "cold therapy" means that "something" frozen must be against their skin to numb the pain.  Effective "cryotherapy" isn't measured by masking or numbing pain, but rather how it affects the recovery process.  Many trainers and doctors believe that icing actually slows down the recovery process as it affects blood flow and nutrients from reaching an affected area. Moderate surface cooling is a version of "cryotherapy" that does not affect blood flow and helps to accelerate recovery.  Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps provide hours of non-irritating relief compared to short periods of numbing. 


* Pain after the activity, but gone the next morning.
* Pain that starts near the end of activity, continues after the activity, but does not interfere with performance.
* Pain during activity that causes a drop in performance.
* Recurring pain during and after activity.


    "I broke one of the metatarsals in my left foot in a basketball game, and spent 6 weeks in a boot and crutches. After I got off crutches, my coach gave me a Cool Contour Foot Wrap. I had been using ice bags each day after school, which were painful because of the weight on my injured foot. It was great because it only took seconds to prepare by running it under the faucet, and then it secured around my foot in a painless way. It dramatically reduced the swelling around my injury each time I used it.  

    My Cool Contour Foot Wrap is a great product that I continue to use since my injury to relieve ankle and foot pain. I would definitely recommend it to any athletes with foot or ankle injuries or soreness from overuse because of its overall effectiveness." - Jonathan C - Marietta, GA


    Frank Wycheck, Retired NFL Football Player - "An athlete's body is their prize possession. Any tools they can use to protect it gives them a real advantage. The first thing I noticed about my own back wrap was how cool it got after wetting it. It cooled down a lot, but it wasn't irritating against my skin like ice.  Using ice always numbed my back pain for a few minutes, but after I removed it, the pain started to come back.  These products are really different.  After an athlete leaves the training room, they're basically on their own.  So, not only do these products work, they work longer, and are very easy to use.

    Trainers and coaches should love these products since they always want their athletes to do more to prevent joint and muscle overuse and prevent injuries.  Athletes can leave the training room wearing something that helps them recover at home or anywhere they go - that's a game-changer!  Athletes being more involved in the recovery process is a win-win for everybody.  And, the best part is they aren't restrictive.  Athletes will love that!"

    Sufficient "cool-down" after competition is a critical component to recovery.  Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps help athletes reduce swelling, minimize DOMS, and recover faster - they give athletes a new advantage to recover better so they can perform at optimum levels.


    Terry Trundle ATC.LAT,PTA, Athletic Rehab Institute - Director of Sports Medicine reports, "The application of cold therapy has been used for many years as the initial stage of treatment with the therapeutic effect of decreasing swelling and pain. Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps now allow us to use the positive effect of surface cooling without the irritation of prolonged use of directly applied ice or cold compression.

    We have had an excellent subjective response from athletes of all ages using these products for prolonged cooling effect after sports participation. Surface cooling has been very effective in decreasing soreness and speeding up the recovery period" 



      It's important to be physically active, but also to avoid overuse injuries.  This is especially important for a "Weekend Warrior".  If that Saturday morning game of tennis, golf, pickup basketball, or a run through the park with your friends leave you sore you are not alone.

      As people age, it becomes more difficult to avoid exercise-related overuse injuries and pain.  The body cannot go from an inactive mode to "Weekend Warrior" without some form of risk.  Common injuries include joint inflammation, muscle tears, sprains, and muscle fatigue.  Weekend Warriors tend to bypass preparation and jump right into intense activities.  Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps help relieve post-activity aches and pains.



        Elite athletes train hard to prepare their bodies for competition but, they still get injured.  They risk injury every time they train, practice, or compete in games.  Many high school, college, and professional athletes enjoy the benefits of accelerating and improving recovery.  Protect your most valuable asset - your body!  Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps can make the difference, over the course of a long season, for preventing overuse injury and recovering faster from acute injuries.