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Where It All Started

It all started in 2010 because a coach, Alan Dukes, sought for a new solution to help athlete's bodies recover faster between games and after getting injured.  For decades he had the same challenge as other coaches.   His athletes resisted "ice therapy" because it was irritating, awkward, and forced them to be immobile. 

Alan searched for an alternative.  He needed something they would want to use after they left the locker room. After finding nothing, and months of research. Alan came up with his own idea to solve the problem and began testing it with a sports medicine specialist.  The subjective responses were very positive for both the physiological benefits and improving athlete engagement.


Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps - Next Generation Technology

In 2011, Alan founded Time Out Solutions and embarked on creating innovative orthopedic aids that were custom-designed to be secured around specific body parts. Working closely with healthcare professionals and material engineers he created a solution to accelerate recovery from overuse and after injury.   Read more here

Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps are recommended by doctors, therapists, trainers, coaches, and sports medicine specialists alike because they work.  Athletes have a proven product that gives them a competitive advantage in recovery and injury prevention from overuse.  The Science.


    Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps - a high quality solution that combines mild surface cooling temperatures with an evaporative cooling technology.  

    Easy to use.  Easy to take anywhere.  Hours of relief every time they are worn!

    Millions Of People, Of All Ages, Are Treated For Chronic Pain Each Year

    We continue to build strong relationships with healthcare providers who treat patients who suffer from recurrent and chronic pain conditions.  Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps help doctors treat chronic inflammation without the potential side effects of drugs.  Our healthcare partners dispense Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps  to patients who suffer from joint and musculoskeletal pain conditions as well as to post-op surgery patients to aid in recovery and increase range of motion.


    Reduce Inflammation Using A Safe, Drug-Free Technology

    Chronic inflammation plays a puzzling and long-lasting role in the body.  If left untreated, it can be dangerous to a person's overall health and well-being.  Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps help control and reduce inflammation using a safe evaporative cooling technology rather than prescription drugs.  They can be worn for hours with no risk of burning the skin or damaging the nerves.  Manage inflammation, manage pain.





    Sports-Related & Occupational Overuse & Recovery

    No one likes to be sidelined.  Athletes understand the importance of training for optimal performance. However, recovery is also an important aspect because it allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between activity.  A key component of injury prevention is the degree of recovery after competition or overuse.
    Cool Contour™ Recovery Wraps are the best drug-free, modality to accelerate natural recovery from overuse. Coaches and trainers report that because they are not irritating the athletes are more motivated to use them after they leave the training room.  Doctors report that their patients become more motivated to return to activity because they help them manage their condition more effectively.     



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