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LOL...couldn't resist!


Baby Matthew Ryder Zakharov will be here before you know it!  

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Can't wait...



Can't wait to meet our little bun!

Who isn't that little anymore!!!

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We have been traveling for the past week and half to Colorado.  One day I had one of the ankle wraps on for so long it actually got dry conformed around my foot!  Pretty cool - I just re-wet it and it softens right up again.




This week despite all the traveling, I have held up very well.   I have not needed to use the wraps as often which means my body has been doing great. This is a blessing!

I have attached a few photos of this as well as some of the pretty scenery we drove through in the State of Washington.

Baby is starting to pack on the pounds and summer is just kicking into gear.   I’m so ready for the last stage of pregnancy and prepared for the swelling that could potentially come!



Though I have not needed the wraps much this trip, I am looking forward to using them on our flight home to Colorado. It is an over 4 hour flight which is plenty of time to be uncomfortable, and to experience slight swelling in the legs due to the elevation and the position you're sitting in. I plan to wear my wraps during the whole flight to help prevent ankle swelling  from being in the airplane so long.  Excited to see how everything goes, so stay tuned for the next update!  

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May 30, 2015

I am 26 weeks now! Using my back wrap for workouts has been both helpful for feeling supported in my lower back, but also for the cooling effect. I have recently "popped" and I am getting significantly bigger as the baby has been growing. Because of this it's easy to have bad posture during work outs.  Also, I am starting to notice an increase in my "achy back".
I recommend using the back wrap if your going to be doing your pregnancy workouts!
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May 23, 2015


 We are beginning our journey to our new home in Colorado Springs, CO!  First stop is El Paso, which is an 9 hour drive from Austin Texas. We packed out both of our cars, so both of us will be driving the whole time and not able to switch off! I expect to have some swelling since I’ll be sitting at 90 degrees for 9+ hours as well as just the lack of movement in the legs and heat in the car. 

I put my wraps in the fridge last night to give me that extra cooling boost for the drive there!

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May 16, 2015



 This baby is definitely growing.  The "baby bump" has arrived lol







Got my back wrap and my two foot & ankle wraps in the mail today. Perfect timing! We had a full day of packing because we are moving soon. My feet were swollen and killing me.  First impression - they really feel great!

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Due Date - September 5, 2015


My name is Lindsay. I am 22 years old and live in Austin, Texas. My husband and I are expecting a baby on September 5, 2015.  I volunteered to be share my "baby journey" on this blog and to test the Cool Contour Wraps recommended for us "Moms-To-Be."  Gaining an additional 35-40 pounds of "baby weight" is inevitable I know.  But, having the opportunity to get an advantage using the back wrap and foot & ankle wraps to help me not suffer as much is pretty exciting.  We will be sharing photos, videos, and updates each week so please sign up, leave me comments and you will receive updates on each new post.   Thanks for joining me during this exciting time!



This my husband Vitaly. We were married on March 29, 2014. He was born in Krasnadon, Ukraine. Vitaly will be helping me with the photos and videos as we do this.



These are my parents - Jeff and Joy Ryder. They live in El Paso, Texas.


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