Matthew Ryder Zakharov



Welcome to the world Matthew!  Born on September 1st; 7lbs and 4oz.  

We waited patiently for him, but he was not wanting to come! We were induced in the morning and he was born just a couple hours later! He was good to his momma by making labor so short.





We had a natural birth, meaning no pain medications were used!   He is two weeks old now and we have had some time to re-coup and adjust to life as a little family!

We are loving every moment of it, there are no words to describe the feelings we have!









During my entire pregnancy I dealt with no back pain.

It only was until after I delivered that I experienced some very low back aches.

I was able to wear my back wrap nice and low near the tailbone where most of the achiness was. It provided a cooling relief that was much needed!



Thank you to all who followed my pregnancy.  

I am so glad that we could end it with a healthy happy baby boy and you all are able to see the result of this long awaited boy!

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