Flying with my Wraps


Well, I am 28 weeks now.  So far, so good!


This week I was able to use my Foot & Ankle Wraps during two flights - each two hours long.  Both flights were full and cramped with not a lot of room to stretch and my wraps helped my feet and ankles feel great.  

A success with no swelling!   I have to say, I love the sleek design of the wraps - makes it very easy to use and wear anywhere! 





I also wore them throughout the airport and had no problems. It's great to have that long feeling of coolness!  I always try to wear them when I know I'll be sitting a long time or if it'll be hot, and I have yet to experience any swelling!   It's so

Thanks to all of you who are following my blog.  Feel free to make comments or ask questions.

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