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Matthew Ryder Zakharov



Welcome to the world Matthew!  Born on September 1st; 7lbs and 4oz.  

We waited patiently for him, but he was not wanting to come! We were induced in the morning and he was born just a couple hours later! He was good to his momma by making labor so short.





We had a natural birth, meaning no pain medications were used!   He is two weeks old now and we have had some time to re-coup and adjust to life as a little family!

We are loving every moment of it, there are no words to describe the feelings we have!









During my entire pregnancy I dealt with no back pain.

It only was until after I delivered that I experienced some very low back aches.

I was able to wear my back wrap nice and low near the tailbone where most of the achiness was. It provided a cooling relief that was much needed!



Thank you to all who followed my pregnancy.  

I am so glad that we could end it with a healthy happy baby boy and you all are able to see the result of this long awaited boy!

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It's TIME...


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39 Weeks!

We are officially nearing the end of this journey.  

This little boy has proven everyone wrong, even the doctors on his due date!   They were for sure he would be coming a lot earlier than this, but he is intends to stay nice and cozy in there.

So, I've been doing lots of exercise ball bouncing and walking!  

I am also holding our newest addition, little kitty named Jazzy!   Hoping Matthew will be our next addition SOON!

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34 weeks and 6 to go!


We went on a hour and half hike today during the middle of the afternoon and it was HOT!  

Came home and put my foot and ankle wraps on right away to reduce the swelling.

I elevated and kept them on for about 25 minutes.

Last picture is the after.  I could see and feel a difference and they felt so great while I had them on!

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New Home

We are finally moved into our own place here in Colorado Springs. It took a lot of work and cleaning to get this place ready, but has been so worth it!   It's conveniently located right down the street from the hospital for when baby Matthew decides to arrive!

My hips have increasingly taken a beating from all the bending and standing from our move and all the cleaning that was needed. More recently my muscles have become sore in my legs, especially in the calves.

Thankfully still no swelling at all, just increased soreness. However the soreness doesn't exceed the excitement of Matthews arrival!   We are 7 weeks away and getting everything ready for him.    We can't wait!

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32 Weeks!

Hey there everyone!

I am going on 32 weeks with this little boy!  We finally got to see him after a couple months since our move, though it was quick, it was still such a blessing to see him moving and breathing!  We will get a more detailed visual soon.  His due date right around the corner. I have been so blessed with having no increased swelling, pain or discomfort over the past few weeks.  How awesome is that?   Fingers crossed that this continues to the end!

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30 Weeks!


Going on 30 weeks and feeling great! We are all moved to our new home of Colorado Springs, CO and are currently staying with friends until we find and settle into our new home. We have lots to accomplish before our little guy arrives, but cannot wait for the day!!

Now fully into the third trimester, I am waiting to see how I do with increased swelling and aches and pains as time gets closer and closer.   I have heard it will pick up in the last few weeks.  I have my wraps ready so bring it on!   So far, I have been blessed with little swelling and light aches. Stay tuned in for updates as these next few weeks might add in some game changers!

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Happy Fathers Day-To-Be Vits!



Happy early Father's Day, just over 2 months to go babe! So Blessed to know you will be fathering our child! ❤

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Flying with my Wraps


Well, I am 28 weeks now.  So far, so good!


This week I was able to use my Foot & Ankle Wraps during two flights - each two hours long.  Both flights were full and cramped with not a lot of room to stretch and my wraps helped my feet and ankles feel great.  

A success with no swelling!   I have to say, I love the sleek design of the wraps - makes it very easy to use and wear anywhere! 





I also wore them throughout the airport and had no problems. It's great to have that long feeling of coolness!  I always try to wear them when I know I'll be sitting a long time or if it'll be hot, and I have yet to experience any swelling!   It's so

Thanks to all of you who are following my blog.  Feel free to make comments or ask questions.

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LOL...couldn't resist!


Baby Matthew Ryder Zakharov will be here before you know it!  

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